Fly Fishing Reel Review: NuCast Max Review

Let’s talk today about some of the most fun parts of being a fisherman… great gear.  I’m definitely one of those guys that just likes gear for the sake of gear.  You can’t have enough of it and you can definitely never have too much good quality gear.  Also, the mechanical side of my brain really enjoys playing with the masterpieces of modern machining, Fly Reels.  I think they are asked to do an extremely difficult job.  We ask them to be robust and durable, but extremely light weight.  We ask them to have features but be compact and easy to use.  We prefer them cheap but aren’t willing to sacrifice performance.  It sounds like a tough world out there for reel manufacturers.  This article is to praise one of them.  This is a review of NuCast Fly Fishing’s Max Fly Reel.  

There are a number of features to keep in mind when evaluating a new fly reel.  Considerations should be price, weight, craftsmanship, warranty, durability, maintenance, drag system, and of course is it fun to use.  

I first want to say that the Max fly reel is incredibly affordable.  With a price tag of $235.00 it one of the most capable and affordable reels on the market.  Also, NuCast stands behind their build with a great warranty.  It is a lifetime warranty of the original owner going toward repairs or replacement of the reel.     

So the reel is fairly lightweight.  Especially for its large size.  I am using their 9/10 weight version and am very impressed with its lack of weight.  I put a large jack on the reel and also a couple big reds and was very pleased with the reels ability to retrieve line on the large arbor when those fish took runs back at me.  NuCast also uses an advanced CNC process to keep the spool to frame tolerance low.  This is really important note on craftsmanship to any fisherman who has ever had a loop of line get caught in between the two while trying to get a fish on the reel.  

Next, the drag system held up very well on the jack and reds.  Both were north of 20 lbs and ran away from the boat like a freight train.  The reel has a nice large knob to make easy adjustments on the fly.  It also has a dual carbon fiber disc drag that I found to be very powerful and smooth.  Another concern on drag systems is the startup inertia, especially dealing with heavy drag systems on 8 weight and up reels.  The concern is that the initial release of the drag can be tougher than the actual drag setting causing a quick release of line or a backlash situation.  In my experience with the Max reel the drag pulls off very smooth and has not had any of the startup inertia problems.  The drag on the Max is a sealed system to minimize maintenance and improve durability. 

Last, of course is how fun the reel is to fish.  I will let the smile on my face speak to this point.  

To find this reel, link here.  Feel free to contact me with any questions about the reel. 



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