NuCast Synergy 2 Fly Reel Review

Hey guys and gals out there.  I wanted to take a minute to review another Nucast product. I wanted to look at their best selling reel, the Synergy 2 fly reel.  This reel comes in a few options.  First it comes in varying sizes from 3 wt to a 10 wt.  Second they have a rather unique option that you don’t see often in the fly fishing world, color choices.  You can get the NuCast reel in a platinum which is a shiny silver.  Then you can get it in a brilliant green and a combo of that same green and gold!  The green and gold option is really my favorite, it just pops out.  Beyond these options the Synergy reel definitely has some features that make it a solid option for your next reel.  

The Synergy 2 is very well built.  It has some standard features that are to be expected of a high quality reel.  For instance it has a hard anodized coating to keep the hard parts of the reel lasting through salt and freshwater.  It is also CNC machined just like all NuCast reels to keep close tolerances.  These tolerance help keep line out of places it shouldn’t be and the fit and finish of the reel to be mechanically sound.  
Next the reel has some great functionality features that I find very handy.  For instance it has a push button spool release.  I think this design is very much superior to other reels I have used that have the pressure fit options that you literally just push the spool off, always fearing breaking or bending something.  Next the reel is easily interchangeable from right hand to left hand.  This makes for a quick process.  I fish with a few lefties and I appreciate this feature.  
The Synergy 2 also has some very good performance while in use.  It comes with a large arbor for quick line retrieval and easy unspooling.  Also, the spool sticks out a bit from the frame, by design, for quick line pick up just by slapping or spinning the spool.  This is handy for when you are spooling up to move or when trying to get on the reel with a fish.   Also, the Synergy 2 has a one way bearing clutch.  It is also fitted with a large drag dial for easy and controlled adjustments.  

The Synergy 2 is a ideal trout or bass set up.  For larger game I might recommend one of NuCast’s other reels like the Blue Crush or the Max.  The Synergy also has a very attractive price tag.  You can get your hands on a 5/6 wt for only $165.  That doesn’t include the friends and family promotion they are doing now for 10% off of everything.  Nor does it include the Fish on the Brain discount of 5%, using code word BRAIN.  Also, NuCast stands behind their build with a great warranty.  It is a lifetime warranty of the original owner going toward repairs or replacement of the reel.     
In conclusion I highly recommend the Synergy 2 reel for your next rig.  To find this reel, link here.  Feel free to contact me with any questions about the reel. 

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