Tarpon Preparation Checklist

This entry is a bolt on to the episode 43-Tarpon Preparation podcast I released.  If you haven't heard it or aren't listening to it now, then I recommend doing so.  Link to that episode here.  For everyone else this is a written and picture entry to give a little more detail to the podcast.  A note here, I am far from a professional, but am happy to share my journey as an amateur with all of you.  Including my blunders, as you will see.  

So below is a quick checklist of most of the items I discussed on the podcast.  Of course the list for a tarpon excursion is vast and also changes depending on area fishing, time of year, etc.  This is a brief view of some high points that I have been focusing my efforts on mostly.  

#1 Flies, Flies, Flies.  This is always one of the most fun aspects for me, because I love to tie!  I especially love to ties saltwater flies.  Giant hooks with all the fun materials.  The examples I brought up in the podcast were a cockroach and toad/bunny variation that I am super excited about.  Here are some pics of those flies.  

#2 Leader - My goodness.  There are as many opinions on tarpon leader as there are men who have ever caught a tarpon.  It is absolutely mind boggling.  Especially if you include the knot discussion.  I thought I would only include a few pictures of the knots and knot failures here that I referenced in the podcast.  

#3 Fly Line - For Tarpon I always bring an intermediate line and a floating.  This trip I luckily have a spare Hatch spool, but in the past I would use a line winder like in the picture below.  

#4 - Pliers - I used to under estimate this aspect of the trip.  However, after being many of awesome saltwater guide use some top quality stuff, I needed a pair.  

#5 - Rod and Reel - I discuss these much more on the podcast but here is the set up.  Sure wish there was a spare rod in that picture.  

On that note ladies and gents, I have some more prep work to do.  Lots of casting and knot practice in my future.  



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