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A Fly Fishing Podcast – Why I am a Fly Fisherman

I am a passionate guy.  I have always been good at finding hobbies and pouring myself into them with my time, focus, and energy.  One of my first passions was hunting.  It was first a family ordeal, bringing home food for the freezers.  Eventually, I learned that it can be an escape, a skill, and an adventure.  So, I devoted myself to hunting.  It became a love and a passion, and remains today.  After hunting other things were added to the passions: hiking, climbing, motorcycle racing, and more.  Some of them stuck and some were a season.  Then there was fishing.  Fly fishing grabbed hold of me a little later in life.  It was like another face of hunting for me at first.  It soon became a consuming passion that drives this journal, this website, and the fly fishing podcast I am creating.  

So, why was it fly fishing that drove me farther than all of these other passions?  I think the first reason for it was put into great words by my friend Vance Freed out of Victor Idaho.  He said, in more or less words, that fly fishing was a form of escapism to him.  When I reflected on all of my passions of my life the one thing I loved and remembered about all of them was that “real life” seemed to fade away when I did any of them.  I assume it is because fly fishing, or these other activities, required too much bandwidth to focus on other things.  I realized when I was fly fishing for trout, I wasn’t trying to work out problems at the office.  When I was out fly fishing for tarpon, I wasn’t thinking about mowing my lawn.  Focusing on dry flies on the South Fork of the Snake River doesn’t just distract me from everything else, it requires me to clear my mind and focus on the act of Fly Fishing.  

One of the early reasons fly fishing really took hold in my life was the idea of the hunt for a big fish.  As I mentioned, I was and still am a hunter.  I remember early in my life I would tell people I am a hunter and not a fisherman, because I was passionate about hunting, but did not feel the same for fly fishing, or any fishing for that matter.  However, I still remember the first time I hunted a fish, and the game was changed.  My meager knowledge of fly fishing exploded into a consuming need to tie flies, read fly fishing content, find fly fisherman, or consume any fly fishing information.  At the time, it was all in an effort to hunt the rainbow trout with my fly rod.  The greatest thing was the passion didn’t dissipate after catching the trout.  It only fed the desire to find all the fish and find a way to trick them all with a fly rod.  

Eventually, my passion for fly fishing bled into a passionate appreciate for the fly fishing techniques, art, community, equipment, and destinations.  Tying a good borksi slider, or learning to double haul with a fly rod became new skills and new escapes.  Watching friends, mentors, or fly fishing guides make a perfect presentation to a redfish, or learning to read great trout rivers with your fishing buddies.  All these things became the nuances that bring me right back that spot where the world melts away and you have a singular clear purpose.  I’ve fallen in love with becoming a better fly caster, and a fly tier, and there is so much more out there to learn and know about fly fishing that this adventure is really only beginning.  

Before I stop talking about why I am passionate about fly fishing, do I even need to mention the old adage… “The Tug is the Drug”?

So, this passion of mine has driven me to share it.  It should be obvious that I am out to try to learn and experience everything I can find in the Fly Fishing world.  In my experiencing and learning, I hope to spread and share the sport, the art, and the community through this podcast and journal.  I hope you will stick around and join me.  



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