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Fly Fishing for Tarpon in Port O'Connor Texas

Let me first express my affection for the Port O'Connor (or POC for locals) fishery.  I reside a few hours north of this area.  It holds a special place in my heart.  I am a rocky mountain trout fishing guy originally.  I think my affection for this place is born out of the fact that it is really the first saltwater area that I was able to get to know well.  It was very intimidating at first, to come out to Matagorda Bay, or Espiritu Santo Bay.  It is very big water for a trout river fishing guy.  Regardless, I have spent a lot of time in the area and am rather fond of the area after overcoming my fears of the saltwater.  The POC area is rich with features most fly fisherman look for in a fishery.  It has a great assortment of areas to fish, such as natural passes, jetties, mud and grass flats, back lakes, and sandy coasts.   All this being said, I am getting away from the topic I planned to bring up, which is my trip report from my last fishing trip here with Kevin Townsend.  



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